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We will post safety information links and articles from our members concerning motorcycle safety.

This is an article from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation about the proper way to Group Ride. We do alot of this so it is important to read this and, for the safety of yourself and others, abide by the rules.


Jill's notes from her Slider Gilmore Meeting. Very interesting and informative.


Entire "Accident Scene Management" presentation by Slider Gilmore.

Web Page

"Alcohol and Riding" seminar by Dave "Slider" Gilmore

Web page

Link from Gordon from the MSF on Riders Perception

Rider Perception

Riding in the Wind

Talk with Rob [Chief] about his experience.

Motor Cycle Safety Foundation


ALR Emergency Medical Record form. Required on all long rides. Legacy Run, Run For The Wall, etc. There are two sides copy from, turn it over then copy the back.

Emergency Medical Record Form